Hydratrek In Action


Each Hydratrek® vehicle is powered by a turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine that provides strong power, meets emission standards, and has efficient fuel consumption. Kubota® has a solid reputation in the agricultural and commercial engine industries and a global service network. Hydratrek® vehicles operate via a closed-loop hydrostatic drive system that is reliable, environmentally friendly, and has ample amounts of torque.


Hydratrek® can handle off-road and rugged environments with its six aggressive ATV tires or its rubber track system, which allow mobility through thick mud, vegetation, timber, and climbing hills.


The Hydratrek® amphibious vehicles provide access to areas where trucks or boats find it difficult to maneuver. If your worksite has wetlands, flood-stricken roads and fields, swamps, marshes, snow, timber, gumbo mud, debris, vegetation, muskeg, and/or coast lines, the Hydratrek® is proven to perform in these environments. With the versatility to float and propel in deep water, the Hydratrek® will safely take you in and out of most terrains.


The Hydratrek® has up to an extremely beneficial 27" center ground clearance that is created by the incorporation of the patented undercarriage system.

The "Moment of Freedom" Project

The Hydratreks® have a great capability that can enhance the rescue capabilities of responders during emergencies, especially when normal access to areas is hindered due to the disaster. John M. Selberg - Assistant Fire Chief, Germantown Fire Department - Task Force Leader, TN-TF1
I've have been involved with line work for 37 years and this is by far the best designed, well made, and safest piece of equipment to use in swamps and other remote areas with rough terrain. Noa Vincent - TVA General Forman
Since adding the Hydratrek® to our fleet of airboats and rescue equipment, we have found this amphibious unit to be extremely useful as an additional tool for us to perform our search and rescue missions more effectively. Captain Kevin Roderiques - Team Commander Florida 3